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Business Project Details

International project consulting

International project consulting
  1. Import export support (research of local products prices, research of suppliers)
  2. Local area credit investigation
  3. Local inspection and surveys
  4. Local company introductions and business meeting appointments
  5. Local marketing
  6. Local company establishment support
  7. Factory establishment support
  8. Local store establishment support
  9. Local staff training support (connections to specialists in all fields)
  10. Consultation with lawyers and tax accountants (support with local laws and annual reports)
  11. Support with document application (application for government permission and visas)
  12. Help with recruiting and sending staff
  13. Planning and managing seminars and events
  14. Advice in creating a business plan

Translation service

Translation service
We translate for all business fields – government and law documents, contracts, newspaper articles, automobile products, manufacturing products, medical products and devices, NPO, education.


Indonesian(Jawa, Bali, Sunda, Batak, other dialogues)Indonesian(Jawa, Bali, Sunda, Batak, other dialogues),Filipino(Tagalog, Cebuano), English, Chinese, Spanish, German, Russian, French,Portuguese, Cambodian, Hindi, Vietnamese.

Please contact us about any other languages.

Interpretation service

Interpretation service
The key for successful international business development is to be able to speak with sincerity the original language. Our company has connections with specialists in all fields living all over the world who can support business and help with all aspects of life.

Overseas Trade

Overseas Trade
We will perform overseas export promotion for valuable Japanese products, import promotion from foreign countries to Japan, trade business support, agency sales, as well as client surveys.

Our steps for a project

Our steps for a project|Consult about the Purpose→Develop a Proposal→Construct a Contract→Commence the Project

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